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What to expect from BBNaija 2020




Following the success of the fourth season of BBNaija, MultiChoice Nigeria has announced that the fifth season of the show will premiere in July 2020, which is already here!!!

The organisers of the very popular show Big Brother Naija have still found a means to make it possible even with the present situation of the world at large.

The BBnaija housemates are also ready for the competition to remain the last man standing. Nairabusiness published an article earlier today listing some of the BBnaija housemates for 2020.

The fans of the show have been waiting for this day patiently, and now that its here there’s quite a few things to expect from this year’s Big Brother Naija show.

6 Things To Expect From BBnaija

The Setting

It is believed that organisers will put into consideration safety measures ordered by the Federal Government to combat the spread of COVID-19 which is extremely important. It is therefore impossible to put almost 30 housemates together in the same space, would not be a good idea.

Fans and viewers should look out for two or three houses on my guess. It remains to be seen how organisers will run the show, especially when evictions begin, because that’ll be the major kicker!

BBNaija 2020 would also involve a whole lot of vibes as the previous shows that has kept us glued to our TV screens as always.

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Vibes are constant things on the BBNaija reality TV show and if you ask me, there are different types of vibes. I know you will like to know the types of vibes that we have, so let me tell you what they are

Area Vibe

When you hear of area vibe, you can always remember Efe, Tacha, and Omashola. You will always remember this. Warriiiiiii!, “No Leave No Transfer”, and “Based On Logistics.”

Then for the BBNaija Season 5, we should be expecting another area vibe, but we don’t know from which of the housemates this area vibe will be coming from.

Also, we don’t know which form the area vibe will take this time. How original and genuine this will be. There have been outcries about copy cats, and we don’t want anyone to come and copy and paste for us in any form, fans are looking for the real people.

Fierce Vibe

Fierce vibe is the most anticipated on any season of the BBNaija shows and season 5 will not be an exception. You have always seen housemates like CeeCee, Tacha, Mercy, T- Boss among others giving hot spices to their fellow housemates.

No fierce vibe, no BBNaija. So for the BBNaija season 5, we are expecting a fierce vibe from one or two of the housemates. Either it was from a male or a female, there most be some gbas gbos on the show.

But whatever happens on the show, remember that Biggie is watching and he has his rules. When you decide to break the rules in the name of giving fierce vibes, remember that there are strikes, and disqualification too.

Cruise Vibe

The gisting, ganging up and gossips on BBNaija is always what makes you want to sit and watch the show. You do not want to watch the show and all they do is just sit without gossiping about someone or just cooking and sleeping all day.

We can’t wait to see who is going to talk about who. It has been confirmed that women are not the only one that gossip, men also do. Some male housemates have been accused of gossiping on the show, before you talk, forget it there is nothing bad in gisting as long as you do not add too much salt and pepper in it.

We need to see who and who is going to be in the camps and clicks in the house.

Love Vibe

Love is a beautiful thing, but according to Davido, it is sweeter when money is involved. Love entanglements are normal things on the BBNaija reality show.

Some people will say why will people who stay in a confined place for three months not grow feelings for each other. But so far, we have only one marriage out of the BBNaija show, which is that of Teddy A and BamBam. Rember that Khafi and Gedoni postponed their wedding ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mercy and Ike are into a relationship and they said they are working towards getting married, so if they do that might be the second or third marriage. Still from the BBNaija season 4, we had Omashola and Kim Oprah, Frodd and Esther, Diane and Elozonam in some love vibes.

How these turn out is left to them and we are still waiting. But we are expecting some love vibes from the BBNaija season 5 housemates. The number of lovers that would spring up from the season is what we are to discover soon.

Party Vibe

Friday party will always give you something to talk about throughout the week. The dancing, rocking, drinking, and singing always come with a kind fo fun you can only get on the BBNaija show.

You will need to wait and see the dressing of the housemates during those parties. When they show up for the parties you can’t help but look twice, or even fix your gaze on them.

While we expect party vibes from the BBNaija season 5 housemates, remember that we are still battling coronavirus and the social distancing rule is profitable.

I trust Biggie will always scream when the housemates are not rocking the Friday parties as expected. So let us wait and see if the BBNaija season 5 housemates would be party jivers.

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Fidelis James is a Nigerian. An aspiring student of the Nigerian Maritime University, in the field of mechanical engineering. He is also loveable writer and a business minded individual.

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