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How to Verify Tax Information for Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria



Amazon affiliate
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So many Amazon affiliate and marketers do find it hard to solve issues regarding their tax information. Have you been having trouble verifying your tax information for your amazon affiliate? Worry no more. Your problem will be solved in this article.

What if I tell you that verifying this your amazon tax information that is giving you so much headache to verify isn’t as difficult as you may actually think?

Here is something important you need to know, it’s either you complete the tax information or Amazon will withhold your amazon affiliate earnings. Too bad right?

Now let me show you how to get this done. All I want from you right now is your fully devoted attention.

Steps To Verify Tax Information for Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria

  • Go to your Amazon Affiliate account

amazon affiliate

This is the very first thing you need to do. Visit your Amazon affiliate by going to the URL and imputing your email and password which will take you to your account.

  • Go to your Amazon affiliate account settings

Once you’ve successfully log into your account, the next step is to go to your account settings. You can see it written as “Account Settings” on your device.

Click on “Account Settings” and you will redirected to a page where you will be asked to add your tax information.

  • Provide Tax Information

You will be asked to Provide Tax Information or choose view. Next is, you will add information that Amazon affiliates to need to verify your tax information.

  • Submit your information for review

After filling and providing all the required information needed on your screen, you will need to submit your information provided for review.

But before you submit your details for review, make sure you check every step and every details you provided on the above steps.

Some of the question which you will come across on your way while filling the form are;

  1. Entered your full name: Select “Nigeria” as country of residence or choose whichever place you are based. -Ans.
  2. Who will receive amazon income or its subsidiary? Individual.” – Ans.
  3. Are you us tax persons? “No.” – Ans
  4. Are you acting as an intermediary agent or other person receiving this payment on behalf of another person or as a flow-through entity? “No.” – Ans
  5. De-select the “I have a Non-US TIN” option.
  6. “Why are you not able to provide TIN?”

Three answers will be provided, choose the first answer.

The country where I am liable to pay tax does not issue TINs to its residents.”

When are done completing the steps, enter your Signature as Your Full legal name and click on the “Save and Preview button.”

When that is done, you will get a success message stating “Your information has been received and successfully validated.

So that’s it.

You don’t need to stress yourself too much if you follow these steps provided.

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In conclusion

I hope this article have helped you to learn something. In case you are still having difficulties verifying your Tax Information for Amazon Affiliates In Nigeria, do well to leave a comment after this article or contact me to help you out.

Here is a video that can help you;

Please share this article with your friends. They might need this.

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