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Job Opportunities Internship | See How To Apply For Sidehustle Internship Program



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__________________________________________ Looking for your dream job? Hold on, your search ends here! Please CLICK HERE to grap every opportunity today. __________________________________________ is one of Nigerian’s most helpful site because Sidehustle has been creating exclusive opportunities for young Nigerians around the globe.

I suggest you read this article from the start to the finish so that you can understand the full message this blog post is passing through.

Before we proceed, we will be looking at what is and how they really work. Most importantly, how to apply for Sidehustle internship program.

What is Sidehustle (

SideHustle is an online platform and a digital marketplace, created to help MSMEs (micro, small and medium scale enterprises) achieve growth in their business while empowering Nigerian youth (undergraduates and youth corp members) to earn a living. can empower the Nigerian youth to make money by providing business services to MSMEs, and thus end youth unemployment and poverty in the country.

At Side Hustle, they offer business owners with exclusive access to lots of creative and tech savvy individuals who can offer services on your budget and help you revolutionize growth in your business without spending all your life savings.

I know you are already wondering being anxious to know how exactly Sidehustle really works. Stay tuned, this will be explained below.

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How does Sidehustle ( works?

Specifically there are two ways that makes Side hustle works. They are;

  • MSMEs
  • Freelancers


  • Create an account, free of charge! Click here to get started.
  • Post a task. Tell us what you need done and hit the submit button. Tasks are job descriptions or operations that usually require the services of an expert to successfully handle.
  • Pay what you can afford. Remember I said you don’t have to break a bank to grow your business?! Yes! You can simply pay by selecting your budget for the task and we’re all good.
  • Approve a freelancer, sit back and relax while we assign a freelancer to your task.

For freelancers:

  • Open a free account. Click here to get started.
  • Take a quick test. We require our freelancers to take a quick test in order to verify their skills.
  • Apply for a task. You will be exposed to various tasks in your field and you can complete as many tasks as you can.
  • Get paid! The more tasks you complete, the more money you earn.
  • As a freelancer, you can withdraw your money whenever you decide to and without any glitches at all.

Side Hustle is a platform that we have created to help businesses grow their business and equip the Nigerian youth with job opportunities in a fast paced environment.

Sidehustle Review and Overview 

Over the years, the rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria has greatly increased and this has had adverse effects on the Nigerian youth, leading them into vices that are harmful for them and to the society at large.

With the daily increase in the struggle to earn a living, the Nigerian youths need to be connected to jobs that require their expertise, resources and creativity.


Sidehustle Intership

Side Hustle is a human resource platform where business owners are offered exclusive access to trained creative and resourceful youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) in Nigeria. They are aimed at connecting Nigerian youths to job opportunities and getting
the right connections.

To this effect, they are starting an internship for Nigerian youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) so that they can learn from the best minds, execute their ideas and further help
entrepreneurs grow and achieve their business goals without having to break a bank.

Sidehustle Intership application date and deadline

Starting on the 12th of October, 2020, Side Hustle is offering a free internship program for youths. Click on the link in bio to apply. Entry closes on the 10th of October, 2020.

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How to apply for Sidehustle Intership

You can easily apply for the internship program by just reading and following the steps on your screen.

To apply, please click here.

How to contact

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Looking for your dream job? Hold on, your search ends here! Please CLICK HERE to grap every opportunity today.

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