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Racksterli Review | Scam or Legit? 1st Read




Today, we will be discussing about Racksterli Income program and explain everything this income program is about.

We’ve been hearing about some scam investment sites that have strategically deduct money from people and end up scamming them.

NOTE: Please we strongly advice you to read this article from the start to the finish before investing your money  so as to enjoy this income as its still fresh and new.

Read this article from the start to the finish to know of this new platform is a scam too or its a legit business to invest into.

What is Racsterli?

Racsterli is program which rewards users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots.

Racksterli harnesses the power of the net and with its developed algorithm searches out and allocates adverts to its users. Each user must share this advert to their Facebook handle so as to activate their daily return.

This makes racksterli an investment company that gives 170% returns on all investment (standard or premium).

Each day skipped means an omission in daily returns.

Withdrawn returns on the platform goes directly into the bank account of each user upon request. Racksterli’s conversion rate to Naira is 380/$ and payment is done within 24hours of request and upon that, the users portfolio with the company is closed.

How Does Racksterli Work?

Like I said above, Racksterli provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and turn our everyday social media into a tool for making passive income.

You can actually use your social media handles like Facebook etc to get paid.

Now, apart from knowing how it really work, let’s also find out how to earn from this platform.

How to earn on Racksterli

Earn on Racksterli takes less than a minute. You simply need to share a sponsored post daily to your Facebook account.
Each package has package has its own daily earning:

1. Standard Package:  
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $1.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
2. Premium Package:  
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $3.9 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
3. Platinum Package:  
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $7.8 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
4. Gold Package:  
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $15.6 for every Advert you share to Facebook.
5. Diamond package:
Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $39 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

You can also earn through referral. You earn when you bring someone into the platform.

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STANDARD     $ 3
PREMIUM       $ 8
PLATINUM      $ 10.53
GOLD              $ 11.85
DIAMOND       $13.16
As an incentive for referral bonuses, when you refer:
10 persons you earn extra $25
25 persons you earn extra $100
100 persons you earn extra $400.

200 persons on the Diamond package within 30days you get extra $1000 added to your activity earns. Then when you refer 50 persons irrespective of your package, will extend your subscription by one more month.

The above mentioned incentives won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses
Please Know that the bonuses are available only to people on the premium package and above.


Sharing a post on Racksterli is almost the same way you share a post you like to your Facebook account.

Login to your account, right below your dashboard you’ll l see the sponsored post for that particular day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click on it then share to your Facebook public page That’s all.

Go back to your racksterli page and refresh and your activity earning will increase based on the package you are on.

 Racksterli Packages

There are five packages available on Racksterli
1.    Standard package for N14000 ( Fourteen thousand naira )
2.    Premium package for N28000 ( Twenty eight thousand naira)
3.    Platinum package for  N56000 ( Fifty six thousand naira )
4.    Gold   package for      N112000 ( One hundred and Twelve thousand naira )
5.    Diamond package for N280000 (Two hundred and eighty thousand naira )

How to join Racksterli 

Signup is pretty easy. Follow the step below to get started.
I. On the racksterli website click on the COUPON VENDOR.
II. Contact one the coupon vendors to get a coupon code
III. Click on the register button.
IV. Fill in each field with the appropriate details
V. Then login with email or username and password.





(4) BOLA



(7) CLIQ TV.


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Racksterli Review

Though this program is still new but here’s a review.

Company name: Racksterli


Owner: Unkown

Products/service: Share and get paid.

Cost: See Plans above

Legit or scam? –  No, Too early to judge

Recommended: Yes but not go be trusted.

But for security reasons, you decided to do your own research to find out if it’s a legit program to make money online or another BIG scam.

Is Racksterli scam or legit?

This is one of the questions everyone would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question directly because the website can’t be trusted. Although, this income program is paying its users currently, but this doesn’t directly mean it’s legit.

We see many who start up their platform and it ended up crashing in no time.

Please before you join, ask some members of this income program or leave a comment if they are still paying their members, make further enquires apart from this article.


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