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Made in Lagos Album Review



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It’s 11:30 pm and the album is out even though it was promised at 11:11, but the wait is worth it. After a 3 year wait on the album drop, Wizkid comes through with fire to your ears. An album that was much anticipated to drop on Fela Kuti birthday was postponed due to the endSARS movement that is happening in Nigeria. Wizkid showcases why he holds the Afrobeats/Afropop throne. The album breakdown with features from superstars from the continent and the world, as well as a few hit singles.

The first song playing is “Reckless”, the tune holds true to afrobeats. We feel the range that Wizkid has in vocal tones.

Next is “Ginger” the more anticipated track with the combination of the African giant Burna boy. Drums give a fast-paced rhythm. The change of tone at the end with Burna boy was great. Wish they incorporated that more in the track. Nevertheless, a banger of a song.

What a surprise, didn’t see that Skepta was in the tracklist with “Longtime”. The song is fluid and Wizkid shows how hypnotic his voice is over this simple beat.

Oh, my “Mighty Wine”! The beginning of this song got me on alert, like LEVEL 3 ALERT. The drums and jazz vibes in the background are relaxing. Definitely a song for the beach.

“Blessed” with Damien Marley is next. The saxophone is the backbone to the song. Which is my favourite part of the song. However, it’s the least appealing song in my opinion.

“Smile” with H. E. R. was a song that we heard earlier in the year. I think it even made to Obama’s summer playlist. The music video was delightful.

The next song Spotify plays for me is the feature with Ella Mai, “Piece Of Me”. She gives a lovely vocal support to the song.

“No Stress” comes next. The first single to present to the world what Wizkid has been cooking these last few years. I am sure we all played this when it came out. So the opinion does not matter.

“True Love” designed by one of my favourite producers. One of the best in the scene. The song is a refreshing twist and giving a slower rhythm to the pace. Love it!

“Sweet One” as I come closer to end of this album, I come to appreciate the saxophone. Especially in this song, I love it.

I don’t know who is singing in “Essence”. To my confusion, I try to check the credits but I don’t see anything. It sounds like Jorja Smith or am I dreaming!.

Terri features in “Roma”. The beginning was hard to digest. The mid part of the song when it slightly changes is where my chill zone is. ****

“Gyrate” is a song to play just before the Netflix and chill. It just sets a relaxing vibe. Love it!

The last track to end the review is “Grace”. A solid track to end the album I can’t complain. See the lyrics here.

Wizkid kept the Afrobeats authentic in the album and didn’t divulge too much in trying to make anything in satisfying the mainstream pop culture (cough cough Burna).

Anyways just a disclaimer: I listened to the album on speakers while typing. So I might need to do a few edits to this article after having a session with some headphones on. The album is an 8/10. I hope the world accepts some of his tracks into the top charts.

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