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Kobobid Review | Scam or 100% Legit? Find out!!!!



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Today, we will be discussing about Kobobid program and explain everything this income program site is about.

We’ve been hearing about some scam investment and survey sites that have strategically deduct money from people and end up scamming them.

NOTE: “Please we strongly advice you to read this article from the start to the finish before investing your money or your time  so as to enjoy this platform as its still fresh and new.”

Read this article from the start to the finish to know of this new platform is a scam too or its a legit business to invest into.

What is Kobobid?

Kobobid is a fast-paced bidding website where you can win and purchase some of your favourite authentic items for as little as one 100 Naira. Kobo bid is one of Nigeria’s first foray into penny auctions on a large scale that i’ve seen.

How interesting does that sound? Well, they have a vision to inject some fun and interactiveness into auctions and the Nigerian e-commerce webspace by while providing an alternate way for people to afford otherwise expensive goods online with very little money.

With the launch of their fast-paced bidding website, they are set to prove that the penny auctions industry is actually not only legitimate, but can also be transparent, enjoyable, and definitely rewarding when done the right way. 

This company actually believes so much that given the opportunities and benefits that penny kobo bids auctions provide participants, more people can also have the chance to enjoy quality items and improve their general standard of living which in turn helps Kobobid too with its vision to see everyone have access to the good things in life and getting them cheap.

Well, with all being said, are you still wondering how Kobo bid works? Here is a summary of how this platform perfectly work.

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How does Kobobid work?

With all being said above, we said Kobo bid is a a fast-paced bidding website where you can win and purchase some of your favourite authentic items for as little as one 100 Naira. Kobo bid is one of Nigeria’s first foray into penny auctions on a large scale that i’ve seen.

Here are some steps that can guide you on how Kobo bid works. Please take your time to watch this video below:

  •  Sign Up to get in on the action

This gives you instant and uninterrupted access to numerous hot deals for all kobo auctions across the site, and the power to request bids from your friends.

  • Buy a BidPack (and get free bids)

This is your bidding power. You cannot participate in auctions and stand a chance to win great, discounted items without it. For a limited time only, purchase your first BidPack now and get up to 25 free bids!

  • Choose your item

In choosing your item, you and do that in two ways. You do that by checking out available auctions, or search by categories to choose what you like. You can also add items to your Watchlist while you decide.

  • Click “bid now” to start bidding

If you’re the last person to bid when the clock reaches 00:00:00, you win the item. This simply means you need to be as fast as possible.

  • Claim your win

Follow instructions to claim your win or “Buy It Now” and have it delivered to you. Then, sit back, relax and await your package delivery or digital transfer.

Why you should join Kobobid

Kobo bids outlined some reasons why you should work with them and they are:

Access: From bidding to winning and buying, we put the most scarce and most valuable items at your fingertips for incredibly discounted costs.

Authenticity: We don’t do sub-standard. Every item you win or buy on Kobobid is from a trusted source known for the quality of their products.

Fairness: At KoboBid, everyone has the fair chance – to bid, purchase items, partner with us, or start a career with us. Simply join our community.

Quality enjoyment: We’re about helping you live your best life by providing you with items that always bring you joy.

KoboBid Review

Though this program is still new but here’s a review.

Company name: KoboBid


Owner: Unknown

Products/service: Bidding

Cost: See plans above

Legit or scam? –  No, Too early to judge

Recommended: Yes highly recomended

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Is KoboBid scam or legit?

This is one of the questions everyone would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question directly because the website can’t be trusted. Although, Kobobid program is paying its users currently, this directly mean it’s legit.

We see many who start up their platform and it ended up crashing in no time.

Kobobid Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are direct answers from Kobobid to these questions;


What is a bid?

A BidPack is basically your bidding power on Kobobid. It’s all your kobos you need to bid and win in one place ready for you to use as you like. You need to purchase a BidPack before you can begin to place bids on your favourite items.

A bid is the price that you are willing to pay to participate in any of our auctions. On Kobobid, a bid represents 1 kobo.

How much is a bid worth?

1 bid = 100 naira

  • 1000 BidPack + 150 Token bids = ₦100,000
  • 500 BidPack + 70 Token bids = ₦50,000
  • 250 BidPack + 30 Token bids = ₦25,000
  • 100 BidPack + 10 Token bids = ₦10,000
  • 75 BidPack + 6 Token bids = ₦7,500
  • 50 BidPack + 3 Token bids = ₦5,000
  • 5, 10 & 25 BidPacks get no token bids and cost ₦500, ₦1,000 and ₦2,500 respectively.

How long do I have until a bid is over?

You have 10 seconds to bid for each item up for auction. Once the clock reaches 00:00:00 under any item, bidding is over for that item, except in the case of FlashBids.

How many times in a day can I bid on an item?

As many times as you want, until you win the item you want. You can also choose to activate your BidMate to bid on your behalf.

How long do I have to wait to bid again?

No time at all. There are always fantastic items up for auctions on, so you can bid on multiple items at a time and whenever. You simply need to ensure your BidPack is stacked and ready.

How do I bid on an auction?

Bidding on kobobid happens in four easy steps – Register, buy a BidPack, select an auction, and click “bid now”.

What is a BidPack?

A BidPack is basically your bidding power on Kobobid. You’ll need to purchase a BidPack before you can begin to place bids on your favourite items.

How many BidPacks can I purchase at once?

You can purchase as many BidPacks as you want. It’s really up to you.

How long are my bids valid for after purchase?

Your Real Bids are valid for 60 days after purchase after which they convert to token bids. Token bids are valid for 30 days. See more on Real Bids vs Token Bids here.

Can I get my used bids back?

Only when you want to put them into buying an item outright using the Buy It Now feature where available.

What is a FlashBid?

FlashBids are our extra special auctions. Watch out for them — they move super quickly because the clock resets every 5 or 7 seconds this time. Learn more here.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

We have a bunch of bidding tips for you to help you maximise your bids. Learn more here.

Can I bid with third party tools or software?

Erm… No. Third party tools and software such as bidding bots are strictly prohibited on, and to use them would place you in violation of their Terms and Conditions which could lead to you being blocked from their platform and/or face legal consequences. Please, don’t do it.

Are there any limits to how often I can win?

Yes, there are. Please see the Auction Limits section in our Terms of Use for more information.

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What is a BidMate?

BidMate is another tool we’ve created to help you bid on your behalf when you’re not available to do so. We know you can’t be on your device 24 hours a day, and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

How many BidMates can I have?

You can have multiple BidMates bidding on multiple auctions at the same time. See Tips and Features for more on BidMate.


What is the difference between a real bid and a token bid?

Real Bids are bids you get when you purchase a BidPack, while token bids are those you win in auctions, bonuses that come with your BidPack purchases, or bids received through a promotion we or an affiliate of ours is running. Check out the full breakdown for Real Bids vs Token Bids here


How do I claim my win?

Just follow the payment prompts on the auction page or in your notifications.

How long do I have after winning to claim my win?

We would imagine you wouldn’t want to waste a moment to claim your win. However, after winning your auction, you will have 48hrs to pay the final Auction Price + Shipping & Handling (where applicable). If you fail to redeem your winnings within this time, the item won will automatically go to the runner up from that auction to claim.


Can I purchase an item without bidding?

Almost! With our Buy It Now option, you can always purchase your item of interest if you are unable to win it in a bid. However, you have to have placed at least ONE bid on the item.


How do I create an account on Kobobid?

Click here to create an account with kobobid and be on your way to winning. Just follow the steps.

How do I update my profile?

Enter into your profile and click on “edit” to make any changes you would like to it, then save.

How do I add or change my profile photo?

Click on your profile avatar at the top right of the page and follow the instructions.

Should I open more than one account on Kobobid?

No, you should not. Each user is entitled to one account only. Doing otherwise would be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. If we suspect such an activity on your part, your account would be blocked permanently, your bids will be invalidated, and you will be banned from using our platform.


How do I transfer bids to someone?

Enter into your Kobobid profile and click on “Bids Transfer” to the left of the page. You will be presented with the option to send bids. Enter your friend’s email address and the number of bids you want to give them. Click send. They’ll receive a notification that you’ve sent them bids.


What is Kobobid?

Kobobid is a fast-paced bidding website where you can win and purchase some of your favourite authentic items for as little as one 100 Naira. Get the full gist here.

How is Kobobid different from other auction sites?

With Kobobid, it’s not too good to be true. You can get the BEST products as sold in any store, anywhere for way less than their actual cost, ‘fast fast’, and without stories. Everything happens on your terms. You simply have to outbid others who want it just as much as you do.

What is a kobo auction?

A kobo auction is our take on the popular “penny auctions” found in other parts of the world. On Kobobid, any bid placed on an item increases the price of the item by just ONE Kobo. When the auction ends and a winner emerges, the winner pays the final price of the item which is the accumulated figure of all the kobo bids placed on said item at the time. For more information on kobo auctions, please visit our Kobo Auctions page.

Who can participate in kobo auctions?

Anyone 18 years or older can join and take part in kobo auctions.

Are kobo auctions legal?

They certainly are. Kobo auctions – like penny auctions – have a huge following in different parts of the world. At Kobobid, we have met the legal requirements provided by the Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigerian and the National Lottery board, so there’s no mago-mago over here.

What other options do I have if I don’t end up winning a kobo auction?

All is not lost, if you don’t win a kobo auction, you can still partake in Buy It Now where available.

Are Kobobid employees also allowed to take part in kobo auctions?

No, they’re not. Kobobid employees – and even other persons engaged or associated with the brand directly or indirectly – do not get to join in this particular fun. We engage ourselves in other ways.

I don’t see my question anywhere.

What do I do? Feel free to contact us. We’re always available and happy to help.


What types of products can I find on Kobobid?

Various types! We auction a range of items to cater to all kinds of tastes and needs, from quality gadgets, to fashion, to CASH, to home appliances, event tickets and so forth. You want it? We have it.

Are products on Kobobid brand new, used, or a mix of both?

All items on our site are BRAND NEW, top quality, and authentic items from the best manufacturers around the world. You won’t get anything less than the best from Kobobid.


How long does it take to receive my items?

Deliver varies based on your location within Nigeria. But, we typically ship within three business days.

How much is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee varies based on your location and type of item. There are no delivery fees for digital items such as airtime, data, cash and BidPacks.

How long before I receive my digital goods?

You receive your digital goods such as airtime, cash, and BidPacks wins 24 – 48 hours after you claim your win.

What if I have issues with my item?

We’d be sorry to hear that. But, we’d be very surprised to. In any case, check out our policies on returns to know what to do if such a situation ever arises.


How do I buy a BidPack?

Go to your profile and click on “Buy Bids”. Simply follow the instructions to make the payment for your BidPack.

How do I pay for an item I win?

Follow the instructions on Payments.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay with your card, bank transfer, or USSD code. We use Flutterwave, so you know your payments are secure.


How can I contact you?

You can follow this link to leave a message for us, or reach us at [email protected], or on (+234) 908 7792 960.

Where is the Kobobid office located in my city?

They’re right here at your fingertips, on :-). Kobobid does not have a physical store as they are 100% an online platform. You can find them on their websites anytime.

Please before you join, ask some members of this income program or leave a comment if they are still paying their members, make further enquires apart from this article.

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