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CoinEntrust Review | Scam or legit? Read 1st



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Today, we will be discussing about CoinEntrust Income program and explain everything this income program is about.

We’ve been hearing about some scam investment sites that have strategically deduct money from people and end up scamming them.

NOTE: “Please we strongly advice you to read this article from the start to the finish before investing your money  so as to enjoy this income as its still fresh and new.”

Read this article from the start to the finish to know of this new platform is a scam too or its a legit business to invest into.

What is CoinEntrust?

CoinEntrust is a cross-border Ethereum savings platform according to the website. It allows users to earn interest on their deposit and optional referral commission. CoinEntrust also offers the following on their platform:

  • 2.2 percent daily compound interest
  • over 390 percent ROI in just 3 Months
  • 20 percent referral commission
  • withdrawal of capital and interest at one’s convenience
  • minimal transaction fees

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How Does CoinEntrust Work?

CoinEntrust is a saving platform where you decide to safey put your money.

You only need to deposit your Ethereum and then sit back and watch it grow.

You can withdraw any time you want.

It works like a deposit-lending system. But your funds are not lent out, instead, CoinEntrust professional crypto traders invest them for you with minimized risk. You only need to deposit ETH and watch it grow. You are free to cash out anytime. Effortless yet stable like i said above, that’s how your earnings should be.

CoinEntrust offers 2.2 percent interest compounded daily on users’ available balances. Assuming you have 10ETH in your balance, the next day, you should have 10.22ETH, in 30 days (one month), you should have 19.21ETH, and 37ETH in 60 days.

Note that by inviting your friends to join CoinEntrust, you also earn 20% referral commission on their deposit. The referral profit is added to your available balance, if you don’t withdraw it, you’ll receive interest on it. You can calculate the expected ROI on your deposit by using the calculator on the homepage. Click the middle icon between the login and sign up buttons to expand it.

Trust Wallet app or Metamask extension installed on your browser is all you need to get started.

For mobile, follow any of these links:

➢ Click Here to Download & Install Trust Wallet (Android)

➢ Click Here to Download & Install Trust Wallet (Apple Store)

➢ Click Here to Download & Install Trust Wallet (APK File)

➢ Click Here to Download Metamask For PC

Click here to sign up now.

After you are done downloading the app, the next process is to Fund the wallet with the amount of Ethereum(ETH) that you wish to invest. Paste your referrer’s link in the browser section of the app, login and proceed with the deposit. It is all automated.

Incase you don’t know what to do from here, For Trust Wallet, you can fund it from within the App with your Credit or Debit card. For both Metamask and Trust Wallet, you can fund them from your regular crypto exchange by transferring to the wallet address. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you will need to do a bit of research on this or join any of our Fan groups.

Features of CoinEntrust

Guaranted Earning

The platform pays you 2.2%interest daily based on your available balance. And you can withdraw anytime you like.

Referral Bonus

You will be paid 20% of the first deposit made by a person using your referral link.

Swift Payment

CoinEntrust is backed by industry leading technology running on Ethereum blockchain.

You get paid almost instantly when you request withdrawal.

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CoinEntrust Review

Though this program is still new but here’s a review.

Company name: CoinEntrust


Owner: Unkown

Products/service: Investment

Cost: See Plans above

Legit or scam? –  No, Too early to judge

Recommended: Yes but not go be trusted.

But for security reasons, you decided to do your own research to find out if it’s a legit program to make money online or another BIG scam.

Is CoinEntrust scam or legit?

This is one of the questions everyone would want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question directly because the website can’t be trusted. Although, this income program is paying its users currently, but this doesn’t directly mean it’s legit.

We see many who start up their platform and it ended up crashing in no time.

Please before you join, ask some members of this income program or leave a comment if they are still paying their members, make further enquires apart from this article.

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